Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle Accident Bicycle riders on Ottawa's roads have always been extremely cautious while riding. However, the roads are getting over-filled with larger vehicles such as heavy commercial vehicles. Because of the size and weight of these trucks and cars, even a slight impact would cause heavy damages to the bicycle, and also to the rider. The accident might result in life threatening injuries to the riders. This is where the role of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ottawa assumes greater importance. The personal injury lawyer comes with the required skills of negotiating with the negligent driver's insurance company and helps the bicycle or the bicycle rider to get the eligible compensation.

Compensation and Accident Benefits available for injured victims

Seriously injured bicycle riders are eligible to apply for a variety of compensation benefits with the help of an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer. The types of benefits are as follows.

Lost Income from Employment Benefits

The injured bicycle rider is eligible for lost income benefits. The maximum amount that a person can get is 70% of the gross income. If the 70% income exceeds $400 per week, the benefits would be fixed at $400 per week.

Non-Earning Weekly Benefit

If the injured rider is unemployed, then he or she is eligible for a non-earner benefit of $185 per week. But this benefit can only be availed after six months from the date of accident.

Weekly caregiver Benefit

If the injured person is the primary care giver to the different members in the family, then the person is eligible for a caregiver benefit up to $250 per week

Medical and Rehabilitation benefits

1. If the person injured in the bicycle accident is found to be having a non-catastrophic injury, the injured is eligible for a compensation of up to $50,000 over a period of 10 years
2. If the injury sustained is catastrophic in nature, a compensation of up to $1,000,000 is available over the entire life span of the injured person
3. For minor injuries, a maximum compensation of up to $3,500 is available

Attendant care benefits

The accident benefits insurer is also required to pay for the care services provided to the injured person. The benefit amount is fixed based on the figures arrived by the occupational therapist or the registered nurse. In the case of catastrophic injuries, the injured person is eligible to claim attendant care benefits up to a maximum $1,000,000 over the entire life span. If the injury is non-catastrophic, the injured person is eligible for $36,000 as attendant care benefits for a period of two years. If the injury is minor, injured person is not eligible for any attendant care benefit.

Death Benefits

If the bicycle rider has unfortunately died in the accident, the dependents are eligible for the following benefits.
1. spouse benefit of $25,000
2. If the deceased person doesn't have a spouse, then each of their dependents would be eligible for a benefit of $10,000
3. Funeral Expenses of $6,000

Why hire a personal injury Lawyer?

1. The experienced personal injury Lawyer in Ottawa would be able to guide the injured person and their family members in collecting the required evidence from the accident site
2. Personal Injury Lawyers come with years of experience in dealing with different types of insurance companies
3. Lawyers have the required negotiation skills to handle the opposite party and explore the possibility of an out of court settlement
4. Accident Injury Lawyers are well versed in preparing supporting documents needed during case presentation

With such benefits available, it is very important for the family members of the injured bicycle rider to engage a personal injury Ottawa Lawyer without wasting too much time.

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